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    Identification of trees and shrubs YesNo
    Planting trees and shrubs YesNo
    Planting perennials and annuals YesNo
    Staking trees YesNo
    Lawn fertilization YesNo
    Chemical application YesNo
    Installing edging YesNo
    Installing weed membrane and mulch YesNo
    Digging holes with a spade YesNo
    Installing brick patios and walkways YesNo
    Installing retaining walls YesNo
    Laying step stone YesNo
    Preparation of sod bed, laying sod YesNo
    Manual transmission vehicle YesNo
    Skid loader YesNo
    Grading tractor YesNo
    Trencher YesNo
    Vibrating plow YesNo
    Jackhammer YesNo
    Sod packer YesNo
    Sod cutter YesNo
    Tiller YesNo
    Plate packer YesNo
    Brick cutter YesNo
    Chain saw YesNo
    Minor vehicle maintenance YesNo
    Small engine repair YesNo
    Reading a landscape plan YesNo
    Minor paperwork YesNo
    Supervising a crew YesNo

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